Wednesday, January 2, 2013

4 hatchets on the etsy site

Yesterday i kept to my jan first posting deadline.

put these 4 hatchets on noble ignitus on

the Eclipse here was a group acquisition with a plumb carpenters hatchet.
the steel was nice and sharpened nicely. the handle flash is a combination of the croquet mallet designs.
this may be the last time i use pigment based stains on the handle. i will just keep it on the mallets.

this Plumb's helve flash was an older style i used. the black is actually a texturized black polyurethane. this gives a good grip and wears well. this grip is especially nice in the presence of water (snow and rain). softer hands may not want to use this handle for long periods of time without a glove. i have never had an issue with it. 

this is the current preference of helve flash. 
i am in a stage of appreciating more wood so i keep the color to a "gun barrel" and "sights" theme. 

plumb carpenters hatchet 2 

plumb carpenters hatchet 3 

hoping to post the two finished double bit axes tomorrow. as for now the close-open shift / finally getting the sickness the rest of the family is getting over (or in the grips of) is officially kicking my ass.

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