Monday, January 14, 2013

Germantown hatchet

Pulled 4 hatchets out of the vinegar bath: 1x stanley carpenter,  1x westcraft, 1x well built not marked and was very pleased to find one of them to be a 

this is the embossed side and the rust was well over the shallow stamping.
the image can not convey how the just sits on the good steel after being in the vinegar bath. 
the rust has almost pulled away from the tool.

after a few moments in the sink with a light drizzle pouring from the faucet, i use a hand wire brush and the rust comes right off.

we get a go on a good temper. 
structurally very sound and will make a very reliable tool.
visually though i will remove the checkers on the hammer side. they have been used enough that it needs tending to. 

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