Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bee and the sunflower photo and the izzi orbit

About a month ago I won an ebay bid for an Izzi Orbit case for a sixth of its retail price
i have got to admit that i really really like this tool.

the lens quality is really quite good.
there are 4 options but really i am enjoying the macro lens the most.

photo taken from their website
I have found myself taking UP-close shots from the dog's nostrils to sawdust piles in the shop
to this bee in one of our sunflowers. 
using the izzi orbit to take take quality macro photos
have to get close to the subject matter so i was glad he was too busy with this sunflower to notice me.
I will say though that i almost always filter my images to better reflect my current disposition and with this particular bee photo i did add a bit more clarity with the camera +'s clarity function.

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