Friday, September 19, 2014

Hatchet handle treatment before hanging

Before I start the hanging process i make sure that any handle shaping and sanding is finished.

without the head on I am able to maneuver the handle better while shaping and sanding. not having to worry about the blade also makes the process go a bit faster.

sanding and shaping perform three important functions:
first, removes the factory applied finish. (the handles i use are only covered with a wax).
second, a well shaped and sanded handle is easier on the hands when using the tool. better to grip and wont grate the hands as easily.
third, the sanding will make the naturally coarse texture/open grain smoother and therefore will leave crisper lines if any paint is to be applied.
shaping and sanding the handle before hanging the hatchet hands
now i can start the hanging process.

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