Sunday, December 21, 2014

Leather knife sheath for lauri shop knife

Having a little fun with the design while making functional gear is a good way to keep the process more exciting. all for the sake of entertainment, i never expect my final object to be unique but damn if i don't have a fun time making it. 
for this shop knife, i had the challenge with the meatier shape of the handle pushing too close to the sheath. these bigger handles with more extreme gestures are easier on the hand and allow for more hand positions to be used, but are not very sheath friendly.
not wanting the sheath to be 8 layers thick i decided to try something different 
from the front the sheathed knife looks pretty straight forward
lauri shop knife sheath
from the side it can be seen that i had decided to use an oak wedge to distant the knife handle away from the back of the sheath a bit.
was also able to keep the belt look in line with the curvature of the handle.
i did treat the wedge with tung oil to make it more prepared for outside use.
having a little fun with a design for a lauri shop knife leather sheath
the sheath pivots at the bottom (riveted and sewn) and can come apart if i want to change out the wooden wedge.
i also made the wedge a bit narrow, so from 3/4 view it is still very hidden and will also show off the sewing of the sheath's base layer.
lauri shop knife leather sheath
now ready for use this sheath may not be anything amazing but i must say that i had a very entertaining time working through the challenge and coming up with this more unorthodox solution.

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