Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pitting on a Plumb double bit axe: an example of texture

All marks on an old tool up for restoring act as a visual record of its history.
for outdoor tools, pitting from rust is a common mark maker.
 sometimes these marks show abuse and sometimes they just show a tool's life lived to the fullest.

if too deep then rust can be a killer for tools
it is important to make sure that if a tool is structurally sound before using (a vinegar bath is the system i employ to remove all of the rust, but there are other methods out there. the removal of all rust and debris exposes the tool for a complete obstacle free inspection). 

here is an example of a double bit axe that had a fair amount of rusting 
none of the rust was shallow enough to make it an excellent candidate for restoration.
Plumb double bit axe showing strong texture from rust but is completely sound and will make an excellent striker.
this Plumb double bit will make an excellent striker: full of history, full of potential.

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