Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chronodex week 5 and 6 2015 - making the chronodex SLOWS DOWN TIME

I am not a passive person
like all active individuals it is ABSOLUTELY essential that we take a moment to slow down and let real thought in.  i say a "moment" because quite honestly that is all we can afford, but damn if that "moment" isn't worth the longest measure of time! 

for myself, i employ a tool that gives me the feeling of productivity (making something and organizing somethings) while also affording me real thought: the chronodex.

chronodex 1.23.2015
"bullseye chronodex"
doane pocket notebook
morning glory mach 3
wine crate clipboard
chronodex 1.25.2015
"bordered chronodex"
nock co chimney top case
koh-i-noor drafting pencil
shaeffer white dot
esterbrook clip
chronodex 2.1.2015
"diagonal stripped packing tape"
shaeffer white dot
esterbrook NO 20 clip
sharpie stainless steel
pink pearl eraser

chronodes 2.3.2015
"Dales pale ale chronodex"
doane pocket notebook
shaeffer white dot
dale's pale ale
morning glory mach 3 red
pink pearl eraser
crayola super tips marker
esterbrook No 20 clip

chronodex 2.4.2015
"shaeffer macro nib chronodex"
doane pocket notebook
eagle turquoise drafting pencil
shaeffer white dot fountain pen
prismacolor premier color pencils
pink pearl eraser
chronodex 2.8.2015
"shield chronodex"
doane pocket notebook
shaeffer white dot fountain pen
stabilo point 88 blues
maica hi-tec c green
esterbrook no 20 clip
wine crate clipboard
edison light bulb

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