Friday, February 27, 2015

Utility sheath for lauri knife

Slowly i am getting caught up on some sheath making for knives i have laying around.
as much as i know that i should have all of my knives protected i still have far to many of them exposed.

these sheaths are a bit rushed and made with different scraps of leather but then again they are only intended to be thrown into a tool box or bag. even for something not to be shown off i did add some design flares: a copper nail rivet here, a bevel there. I also was able to give this d-clip (between the snap belt loop and the main sheath body) that i have no idea what to do with for years a purpose.

at a full 13/16" thick this will be able to be thrown around with no issue of hurting the blade.
utility sheath for lauri shop knife

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