Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Camp hatchet & saw

The tried and true wood harvest tools. 
our house loves our tools and from rough work to detailing all have their value. 

i also spend too much damn time on websites/forums to see what other people carry. 
it tells a lot of what the individual wishes to convey to others.

as for these two, they always go with us on our camping trips. 

small and portable, capable of bigger jobs and some detailing.

because of my preference for carpenter's tools i have migrated to the carpenter's hatchet as my camp axe. 
i have especially found the hammer side to be invaluable on many occasions. 

about 17 years ago i switched to a japanese style branch saw. i had just won $1200 in a college art department competition and spent the entire lot on tools, including this exact style of saw. all purchased from japan woodworker. in fact that was my first venture into my lasting appreciation for quality japanese woodworking tools.

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