Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lockard's axe

Finished a quick tune up on Lockard's camping axe.

this axe is this is a general and all purposes axe (anything goes). 
in its recent past it has had many close encounters with the ground. 

wanted to clean it up, fix the edge, paint a stripe, and tighten up the fit and oil the handle.

i took this photo after removing some of the surface rust. the rust was light and came off easily. 

i had to remove the chips from the blade's edge and spend a good 25 minutes re-establishing the cutting edge. the brand new bastard file made shorter work of this procedure.

i left the angle less aggressive because it is mostly for spitting wood.

after the file work i used a stone and then a polish on the entire surface.

final step was a diamond file honing.

the end was split from being used as a club. i had to trim off a 1/2 inch of the doe's foot.

painted on a bore sight for a little visibility.

after adding two more wedges it is now soaking in linseed oil to get some moisture in the wood. 

after 24 hours in the linseed oil i will tung oil the handle the it will be ready for another bout with the field.

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