Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Eyes roll back into the head like a shark in the middle of a kill, the boys attack these hamburgers. 
i would half expect to see them rolling around on the ground tearing off chunks and forgetting to swallow.

quarter onion so the rings are like a rainbow. then cut under 1/4 inch perpendicular cuts.

now slice thinly perpendicular to that. with each cut the onion will fall apart into little bits. 
smaller is better so you may want to dice them up even further. 

ingredients added without measuring: beef, diced onion, seasoning salt (today was borsari salt), pepper (today was janes krazy pepper), italian seasonings and a dash of soy sauce.

mash very well between fingers like this.

once well blended, pack the patties so they are dense. this will keep them firmly together. to do this i make a ball and them pass them from hand to hand squeezing them tightly. 
flatten and then poke a  donut hole. these should be about 1.22 inches thick. 
when this thick the hole will allow it to cook evenly and be extra juicy. 

throw them on the hot skillet. 

done and damn good.

for the boys the burgers are a bit thick, so i will cut them in half.

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