Thursday, August 8, 2013

Axe restoration and cutting wedges

When hanging axe or hatchet heads attention to the quality of the wedge should be taken in to consideration.

I do use some stock wedges, but i find that if i do buy a handle that has a wedge with it, it may not be suitable for the eye that it is to be inserted into. 

in that case, just make it.

today i hung 4 hatchets and 1 double bit and found myself needing to make 4 wedges.

i rough cut a 1"x4" board and then cut that in half.
axe restoration cutting wedges
after sawing in half i make quick work of the shaping on a bench sander.
with the shape cut, sanded and sized i rough the surface (with a flat rifler) to increase the surface area and opens up the wood to better absorb the wood glue that will help it swell before curing. this will tighten the fit.

axe restoration hand cut wedge shaped and then roughed.

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