Monday, August 12, 2013

Field notes and a chronodex per work day

An essential part of me is being capable.
not wanting to disappoint myself, on all work days i make a "chronodex" (that i keep in my back pocket field notes booklet) to visually organize my time. 

with this i can see if i really do have any blocks of time i can work on a project. 
different blocks of time afford different opportunities depending on my current project list. 
lots of project going on simultaneously means i can do something no matter how much time i have.

making a chronodex only takes a few minutes.  just enough time to organize the days potential.
the more ornate the timepiece the longer i needed to think something through.
today i had something on my mind.

i am very keen to this visual organizer
the inner ring = midnight to 9a then 9p to midnight
the outer ring = noon to 9p then 9a to noon.

this may seem odd at first but the outer ring is to represent the more functioning parts of the day 
9a to 9p.

red is my sleep time and the pencil blocks is work or obligations.
blank are the opportunities to make something.

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