Saturday, August 17, 2013

Axe restoration using a riffler to hang the head

The week before the boys go to school we took a little camping trip.
came in late to work and then had the day to do some striking tool restoration.

when getting the head to fit on as perfect as possible one needs to make sure not to take off too much material. the more wood touching the inner eye of the head the better the hang and the more reliable the final product will be.

to do this i use a riffler (a small rasp). this allows me to take of material in a more controlled manner.
here is a quick 4 photo shot of one of many trial fittings i do before the head gets all the way on. i am happening to show this toward the end of the fitting.

first i seat the head. i do tap with a mallet, it will not just slide on.

after on as far as it goes i remove the head and look for the rub marks. here it can be seen by the blackish marks. these are the spots that will have to be riffle filed down.
also there is a distinct line that will have to be taken down to for the next trial fitting to go deeper into the eye. 

here the eye wood looks after riffling. 
now ready for another trial fitting. 

used a mallet again with the trial fitting to get a better seat. 

two more fittings and this collins pack hatchet is ready for the wedge.

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