Thursday, November 7, 2013

Keeping an eye out(let) for dust snakes

I am just going to start with how i admire good writers.

I have rewritten this opening about 20 times.
i cant find the words to express how "just keep an eye out" can provide some simple 
valued entertainment.

if there is anything i am fairly descent at is "keeping an eye out" for:
the absurd, the humorous, the threatening and the unique. 
at least finding an image that can become anyone of those.

after i have captured an image of value, i then take great enjoyment in expanding its context,
basically making up stories in my mind. these stories i usually keep to myself but when the story is rich enough will share with family or friends (once again, all in order to entertain). 
such mind play is absolutely essential in my life. they offset the seriousness, stress and overly hard working, non-creative facets of my life.

here is an example, i was walking down the stairs of a business when i saw this outlet at the bottom.

i find this to be extremely visually rich and full of potential.
this business was actually very well maintained except for this outlet in a back stairwell.

breaking down this into multiple who, what, where, when, how and why will start to expand all of the possibilities. a sort of kafka's "unbridled horses" from the country doctor take control and i find myself just going not fully knowing where it is going to end, if it ever does.
 the stories are endless.
i would keep on going with the stories i have weaved but i am an on the spot oral observer/story teller, 
when i write almost all is lost. 

i admired good writers.

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