Monday, November 4, 2013

Pliers holder rig

After finishing this last pliers holder, i decided that it was time to see what else i could do with the sheath.

pliers, in a simple pliers holder, can always be found on my person.
a pair will act as: pliers, pry bar, slot driver, hammer and so on.
there are situations where i want to temporarily add another tool or at least have a loop or two to temporarily suspend a tool(s) that i am juggling on a project. 
sort of a practical puzzle, my first plan is to explore a system that i can just snap on a leather attachment to the back of the pliers holder. an attachment can cater to tools of a specific job. 
by being a snap system i can remove it easily for when it is time to walk away. 
i absolutely want to be able to remove this attachment when i walk away from the project.

tonight i quickly put together this leather rig with chicago screws, in order to try out potential attachments.
pliers holder rig to test potential snap on attachments

i can still go back and add snaps to make the potential attachments more real to the final but this was a quick fix for rough ideas.

pliers themselves are one of those essential every day carries. 

words of wisdom for the day,
"to avoid looking like a tool, one should not carry too many tools on their person in public".

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