Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chronodex week 20 and the shop dog

All of us have a social side and an individual side,
both sides must be developed together
 have some separate maintenance time. there is nothing wrong with needing to just do something for others (with no thought of oneself) nor in getting some alone time to unwind.

with that said there are some particular locations that seem to foster one better than the other.
for myself, working around the bench is a time for me to reflect and organize my mind quietly. by quietly i mean without any significant social interference. 

for some reason the quality of alone time at the bench is enhanced when the aussie decides to wait or nap when i am working. seeing the dog in such a relaxed state greatly influences my focusing abilities. 

the aussie rests as i work on N

this week's chronodex had no themes. 
what ever struck me at the moment to best organize myself took form.
knot 1 chronodex 5.22.2014

missle command chronodex 5.23.2014

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