Monday, May 5, 2014

Chronodex week 17 - pants and the tape measure

this week's chronodex started out with the debate over whether or not to wear pants to work. 

a close-open shift leads to just a few hours of sleep, i literally lay down my work clothes in the most "accessible" place, so as to expedite the morn's routine (coffee, food, pants)
even for the most motivated; there are those nights when sleep comes late or is rough, 
then the eyes seem to open before closing: 

on these days i see the below image and pause. 
debate is short and i head toward the door (with pants on).
chronodex 4.28.2014 to wear pants or not to wear pants
as my sons know, i have as many tape measures and rulers as i do pencil sharpeners 
(actual much more).
they are in every room. multiplying like rabbits some rooms have multiples. 

on this morn when i woke up to make my chronodex, i reached over to grab a rule and ended up with one of my Japanese tape measures. no need to ask how this happened, it just did. with this in hand, i had one of those simple recognition moments that led to further thought. i realized that for what ever reason this particular item has lived in the same place for 12 years.  my mind raced for a reason but was never really satisfied with the answer.

 none the less, i went on to ask myself how many times do any of us wonder how a particular object has  come to occupy a particular space for such a long period of time.  in the end this was an entertaining exercise in  
"interesting motivations into habitual object placement".
chronodex 4.29.2014 and the Japanese tape measure

so then the chronodex became the object of interest.
chronodex 4.29.2014 with a wider view of the page

during the making of this chronodex, i simply thought about what i planned to accomplish in my open time block. simple feels damn good too!

chronodex 5.4.2014

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