Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chronodex week 16 and passing along a restored tool

This week i was given the opportunity to sell an excellent Plumb carpenter's hatchet to a Californian. 

for someone who is dedicated to the passing along a quality restored tools to another, these transactions are pretty damn exciting. 
each tool should act as an extension of an individual's purpose or purposeful acts.
the better the tool, then the better the potential for a successful act. 
when i am able to restore a tool, i feel that i can share a bit in the success.
restored plumb carpenters hatchet
 for the desk, i found an old esterbrook ball bearing clip no.30. it just sort of surfaced in a parts bin that may have belonged to one of my grandfathers.

i did have to remove the rust and add a very small amount of silicon to the bearing.
clean and very smooth action.
chronodex 4.25.2014 collage
 found myself making 45 degree notes again.
chronodex 4.25.2014

chronodex 4.27.2014

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