Thursday, April 3, 2014

Transformation from the vinegar bath to the initial polish of the craftsman carpenter's hatchet restoration

There are some steps of the hatchet restoration that have a greater visual impact.
for example: when the hatchet comes out of the vinegar bath and then when the initial polish is done.

these two images show the transformation from matte poly-chromatic texture to higher gloss momo-chromoatic texture.

the matte version was taken about one week after pulling the head out of the vinegar bath. the temper looks very good on both the bit and the poll. when first pulled out the tool was a solid matte grey, but one week later had all of these great colors that moved around the surface marks.  
craftsman carpenter's hatchet one week after the vinegar bath
the gloss version was taken after the initial polishing. 
this step dramatically decreases the surface area and inhibits rust. this will provide better protection for the new owner. 
i have stated many times before that i do not want to remove all of the history, but i do need to establish a new beginning for the tools future owner. 
from this redefined state the new owner can create a more personal relationship of work and history
(plus the tool will be more functionally sound). 
craftsman carpenter's hatchet after initial polishing
the next step will be to establish a new angle from the bit to the cheek for better cutting performance. 

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