Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chronodex week 15 and the Easter TWSBI

Maybe it because i rarely dress up
when the occasion "arises",  I do enjoy getting a bit formal.

Easter Sunday was just such an occasion.
Instead of hiding out in my trousers pocket, i displayed my TWSBI Mini 580 as some vest flash.
Easter dress and the TWSBI Mini 580
there really wasn't a theme to this weeks chronodex.
some weeks i prefer not to be too planned.
Chronodex 4.14.2014 and the TWSBI Mini 580
 Day 2 of a three day work push
Chronodex 4.15.2014 and the kaweco al sport

chronodex 4.18.2014 and the TWSBI  Mini 580

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