Monday, April 7, 2014

Chronodex week 12-13 and the need for a pocket note book

For well over a decade i have constantly needed to carry paper with me.

before i permanently attached myself to a cover style book, i always had graph paper that was divided into 4s and kept in my back pocket. i kept them in a refolded green hanging file folders. the refolded folder was formed into a sort of book cover with pocket on each flap. one side held blank graph paper the other filled out papers. when the folder started to get thin on the folds i reinforced with brown paper tape and then when it crapped out i simply made another one. 
it actually was a very competent look. it had a refined natural look.

now i use mostly field notes and doane as my pocket note books. 
since i always have a fountain pen on my person, i prefer (hands down) the paper in the doane. 
the edition style covers of the field notes are vastly more entertaining. the paper of the field notes is much less fountain pen friendly.

so what to do? i have a developed a fountain pen vocabulary of which pens go with which note books.
because this is a bit of an obsession, i was not burdened at all by this. in fact, i enjoyed the challenge of defining the characteristics that make the choice.

i ended up having a star and circle chronodex week 12
star and circle chronodex

star and circle chronodex with old 1.1 mechanical pencil. 

star and circle chronodex
the last of the star and circle chronodexs for the week
one-two punch chronodex
in the middle of week 12 i received my latest edition of field notes
there is no denying that this last edition, Shelterwood,  cover is by far my FAVORITE.
i still wish it had higher quality paper in it.
filling the field notes coffers
i had corn for lunch so i had cut up the six pack new belgium trippel carrier that was in the recycle bin and made a corn seed themed chronodex before going to work. 
corn chronodex

the youngest had a reading feast at the dining room table. a full course of books left on the table. i simply choose a main course (ham) to fill out my days chronodex. 
childrens book chronodex

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