Sunday, April 13, 2014

Carpenter's hatchet and the rustic crate assembly

Along with the my need to restore tools is the need to present them in some kind of formal way to the new owner.
this form of presentation usually takes the form of some variation of a box.
the final presentation of the box will be rustic and simple. 
this is to reflect my preference to long ago shipping crates, those wooden vessels that were made to safely transport goods to the Great Plains. 

the wood on this crate has come from a salvaged cedar deck. with just a bit of resawing & rough sanding the pieces are ready for cutting.
the individual cut slats are assembled by both gluing and nailing. this crate will be perfect for shipping and surviving the courier. 
restored hatchet crate assembly

i make an effort to use reclaimed wood for these crates.
the use of reclaimed wood will: 
1-find another purpose for the scraps (being responsible to our resources)
2- support the rustic look
3- keep costs down

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