Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chronodex week 14 and the 3 little space (pen) piggies

I am not a big fan of ballpoint pens
i do use the iconic fisher bullet space pen. 
there are two types of pens i alway carry on my person: one fountain pen and one fisher refill pen 
(either a Fisher Bullet Space Pen or a Stinger tactical).  the bullet is for when i don't need or can't have that pointed end. the bullet fits perfectly in a fifth pocket. stays out of the way and makes carrying two pens reasonable. when pulled out and posted the pen has a great 50's industrial look.
3 little space piggies
 the pressurized ink refill allows for writing at all angles. the ink dries fast, clean and is very permanent.
ballpoints in general have an uninteresting line and generic character. 
i tend to write at even a more dramatic italic to compensate for the uninteresting line

despite the inferior look of these lines they are the most hardy pens to dust and dirt conditions. if the pen does build up debris on the tip then it is easier to wipe clean with less of a mess than other types of writers.
 the only writing tool better for really dirty surfaces is a pencil

the chronodex for the week didn't start with a shared common 
the last three did bet based on the small clear plastic magnifying letter opener as the core. 

chronodex 4.9.2014

 there are days where the chonodex need to be visually connected. there are two main ways to do this, either physically connected or look similar. there was no need to separate the 10th & 11th, they just blurred into one anther anyway. 
chronodex 4.10.2014 avec opener

chronodex 4.11.2014 avec opener
 with the 13th i thought i would show the actually shape of the magnifying opener.
chronodex 4.13.2014 avec opener

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