Thursday, April 10, 2014

Best saw for cutting axe or hatchet handles off for rehanging

Actually this post title should read "my go to saw for removing handles from axes and hatchet handles".
there really are no perfect saws for this act
i do find myself alway grabbing an old coping saw that was my great grandfathers.

although personal preference is the main decision,
 there are some guiding facts that would lead a person to using one type of saw over another:
1.  the wood is generally in rough shape = no need for a fine woodworking saw
2.  there could be long fasteners (nails) that can be protruding past the head & into the handle = this can destroy the teeth of whatever saw you are using
3.  no need for a slow, delicate cut = using a coarse cut blade will make fast work of the job
4.  a small kerf and narrow height make cutting around axe blades easier

the coping saw answers all of these variables very well. 
other benefits includes how easy it is to maneuver, the low cost of blade replacement and speed of blade replacement when sprung.
coping saw blade sprung while removing a hickory sledge handle
the final benefit of using a coping saw is an excuse to dedicate my great grandfathers tool to a 
valued purpose. 

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