Friday, March 28, 2014

Chronodex week 10-11 and a leather knife sheath for two knives

Damn! what a busy week(s) for both my social and individual self:

there have been many great moments in the past weeks and i can not believe how fast time has gone. when i say "great" i really don't mean anything monumental but have had my fill of finishing some projects and having GREAT family time.

an example an individual "great", would be when i finished this two in one cook's knife sheath that is for a local fellow. a retired fellow who enjoys RV'ing in the spring had requested a sheath for two of his camper knives. one of those puzzles that i was pleased how the final product ended.  i decided to make them as both a single unit yet could be easily separated. made of 8 ounce leather, each sheath is 5 layers thick. there is no doubt that this will give him plenty of protection and a bit of style while preparing his food.

as the "luck runs out" chronodex

"luck running out" chronodex
feeling a star week coming up
horseshoe chronodex 1
horseshoe chronodex 2
the day after my oldest son's birthday i woke up about 30 minutes early (4:30ish) to put together my thoughts and organize my day. found his birthday candles sitting out on the counter and thought to myself how long they must sit before the next birthday use. i took some and though i would base a chronodex off of them. 
birthday candle chronodex

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