Wednesday, March 5, 2014

American Pencil Co and some Esterbrook drawing nibs

With my increase in sleep and clear thoughts, i find my mind working overtime. as usual this translates into "needing" some more tools (pens) to best transcribe those thoughts into words, diagrams, sketches. starting this past saturday some ebay purchases and a goulet pen purchase came in.

on topic now is the Esterbrook No 16 drawing nibs and the American Pencil Co dip pen #1140 that came in. for a mere $4.99 i scored these drawlets and dip pen. the nibs were perfect, a 12 count box that actually had 8 new old stock nibs. i really enjoy these particular Esterbrook mark makers because they lay down a fairly dry line with pigmented ink. i do not always want this, but on occasions when i need to layer inks than the base line being dry fits my desired product.

the pen itself was in a bit of disrepair.
the 3 parts basically just sort of fell apart: the post (shaft), the section (that holds the nib) and the grip.

i first removed the rust and reshaped the section so the piece would better hold the nib.
then i needed to add a material to act like a spacer to fill up any looseness of the old stretched out grip. the rubber was still pliant but there was no going back to its slimmer glory day size. 

with two espressos and about 20 minutes of work (while listening to the news) i was able to get to a point that suited me.

now i have another writing tool ready to go.

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