Saturday, March 8, 2014

True temper kelly works flint edge "best axe made" hanging

Today had some great shop time and it started with another great hanging.

was able to spend some more time on the kelly works "best axe made".
true temper kelly works flint edge "best axe made" getting hung

spent a good amount of time sanding this handle. excellent grain orientation but was a bit course.
when the time came to actually hang the head, this happened to be one of those eyes that just about perfectly fit the helve without any rasping.
i would say that within 15 minutes i had it resting firmly on the helve's shoulders.

axe restoration mallet made from an extreme croquet mallet scrap and recycled hammer handle.
invaluable for hanging axe heads.

kelly works axe hanging, ready for the wedge.

the wedge went in perfectly.
very tight and after the white glue that was added to the wedge cures completely i will soak in the linseed bath. 
kelly works flint edge hung tightly

the owner requested that this striker will not have any flash added to it. 
with that in mind, the helve selection was extremely important. i spent almost a month looking for one with the best grain. cant deny that i was getting a bit anxious to get this project done.

this is going to be a VERY reliable striker!

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