Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chronodex week 10 - Esterbrook and the toilet paper

During week 10, i was able to use my new vintage Esterbrook SJ fountain pen 
with a 2556 (firm fine writing) nib. 
this pen arrived in excellent condition. in fact, the pen seems so lightly used that the state 
looks brand new.

upon opening the very sound shipping box, i see a mounded roll of toilet paper.
there was no added packaging so i cautiously began to unroll the mound.
7 feet of toilet paper later i find my prize and fortunately it was the pen.
to fold or to wad the esterbrook, that is the question

since the pen arrived in excellent condition i will call myself, "amused".

chronodex 3.8.2014

chronodex 3.10.2014

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