Friday, May 9, 2014

Hatchet sheath design change - using chicago screw

Every now and then I come up with a VERY subtle design change that i believe will make a 
big impact. with my hatchet and axe sheaths i have made a very minor change that i am probably a little bit too excited about.

aesthetically i have kept the same:
1- "border" design of the leather body
2- single wrap around helve strap
3- 5 layers of 6-8 ounce leather on the top and bottom
4- 3 layers of 6-8 ounce leather in the front
5- cemented and hand stitched
6- copper penny rove with copper shingling nail in the apex of the border design
7- snap fastener for the front
restored carpenters hatchet with leather sheath

snap closure is fast and reliable, also very easy to replace. 
restored carpenters hatchet with leather sheath

THE CHANGE: i have replaced the back strap fastener 
from a copper penny rove & copper shingling nail to a copper penny and a chicago screw. 
this is the strap fastener that will allow the strap to pivot on the body, but not allow the strap to come undone. the only other variable not seen is that i used some teflon tape around the threads to keep from coming loose. i prefer teflon tape over thread lock because it is easier to remove 
and so readily available.
restored carpenters hatchet with chicago screw as the back fastener to the leather  sheath strap

this chicago screw has a larger flange than the copper shingling nail, both in width and thickness.
this will improve durability by greater stress relief and less biting into the leather.

an added side benefit is that if for some reason the strap does need to be replaced, then it will be much easier to do. 

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