Monday, June 4, 2012

Buried axe

Dad lives in his childhood home built by Alton, his father. he was digging along the foundation and found this axe head buried about 12 inches. 
it had been there for decades. 

there was no bare metal visible when he brought this to me, just thick, flaking rust. 
after a vinegar bath the temper was good and the number 7 was visible.

after removing about 1/16 inch of metal from each side the poxing was still very pronounced. 
with this one i decided to not remove any more metal and work with the history. 
i added enamel to the pox to accentuate it.

hung the head and added a bit of flash.

added pigmented stain to improve visibility.

a bit of color to the eye's wood.

last bit of color to bring the darkest pox marks to the other end of the axe. 

ready to be used again. 
he was very pleased.

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