Sunday, June 17, 2012

New belgium barrel

One last image from the new belgium brewery tour.

they are in a place with demand to increase their barrel conditioned beers. in fact, they were adding on to the room for barreling. not only did this room have about a dozen (i should of took a count) but i believe he said that they will be receiving another 30 (i will find out about that number). 

there were a number of obviously different barrel styles and this was the oldest of the barrel styles. purchased from the wine industry, at one time it had to be dismantled, seamed with beeswax then re-assembled. there were other styles of barrels but the others were newer and didn't have the uniqueness of age as this one did. all come used from the wine industry. used because the vessel allows a bit of respiration yet does not yield any wood flavors.

i may have kissed the barrel when no one was looking.

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