Saturday, June 30, 2012


Prep work is everything.

this is from the last 1/4 beef we got. coming to the end of it and it is, as all year is, high grilling season.

i pulled this strap from the freezer 5 days ago and let it age (brown up and start to break down).  then 24+ hours ago set it in cling wrap with soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, borsari seasoning salt and parley.

to conserve seasonings and maximize contact cling wrap (similiar to saran wrap but better "cling") is best. in fact, that is the key, keeping all of that glory nice and tight to the meat.

opened up the wrap. smelled good enough to eat then. by the way, the bright red is the chili sauce. most of the meat had a brown-grey tint.

on the grill and oh crap, i forgot to wire brush the grill before i threw on the beef. 
"flavor crystals"

the grill was at a slightly lower temp so no char marks. not necessary with this cut. 

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