Monday, July 16, 2012

Dry skies and corn

With water (from the hose) and all this sun our gardens are yielding super sweet corn. amazing.
there was so much we had to cut it up for freezing.

however, the reality is that we are in a nasty dry spell that is really affecting every other aspect of our lives. a situation not really experienced in the cool and plentiful confines of the grocery store.

some corn facts, a snapshot from today:
nebraska is the 4th largest producer of corn in the USA. today the nebraska commercial corn crop is only at 43% good to excellent condition compared to 82% good to excellent. a very low number and not seen for decades. the nebraska corn board has 63% irrigated corn as good to excellent and only 16% of dry corn.

dropping water levels on ground water are leading to some shut offs for junior irrigators.

with some more moderate temperatures, rain and the fact that most of our irrigation comes from wells (although there are still thousands of groundwater irrigators) the potential for poor corn yields can be reduced.

according to the "national drought mitigation center"  we are in moderate to severe drought with a small section of extreme. 99.81% of our state is in drought conditions.
on the bottom are the current maps. 

26 states are experiencing drought conditions.

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