Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Percolator coffee

If not the espresso maker than we turn to our stovetop percolator. 

percolator coffee needs to be prepared properly. the general rule for strong coffee is more grounds less percolating time. 

we use about about two+ tablespoons of coarse grind coffee per cup of water.
after pot starts we wait for the coffee to start hitting the glass dome, then immediately lower the temperature to get a moderate perc. we let this perc for about 3 minutes. it is too easy to over brew percolator coffee so keep an eye on it. anything over 5 minutes is tends to kill the coffee.

when family comes over we often decrease the amount of grounds we use.

one should not reheated coffee in the perc and microwaved just isn't as good. the compromise is making a pot, pouring it into the cup and then the remaining immediately goes in a thermos. we tend to drink our coffee in a shorter period of time so the thermos is more than adequate for keeping it hot.

facts: caffeine is very water soluble. we get alot of kick with this method

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