Monday, July 9, 2012

Hops in early july

25' and growing, glorious cascade hops. the upper third will be ready for harvest soon. this season has long vines and the upper third is far more advanced then the lower two thirds.

there are 8 hills, 3-4 vines per hill and tethered from the plot to the top of the windows on the south side of the house (20' of line and then starts to drape down acting as window awnings). cascade is hardy, productive and very very prolific. we keep tight reigns on its suckers so as not to overwhelm the plot. keeping it airy is the key, reduces pest zones and easier to care for.

cascade hops a real workhorse for our home brews, especially in our pales, ipas, porters, and big barley wines. 

in 1956 this hop was bred in the United States. it became available in 1972. it is the product of crossing a fuggles hop with a Russian serebrianker hop. cascade aroma is "flowery", "spicy" and "citrus-like". the alpha acid content ranges from 4%-7%. quite a bit of difference depending on the growing conditions.

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