Friday, June 28, 2013

5:55a sky

Morning is my favorite time of the day, the earlier the better. being outside first thing is better yet, it really defines the day. it is my first influence to organizing what i can physically tackle and mentally accomplish.

on job mornings i will give one last look up before walking into the building.  i get that last image of all sky to contemplate during the shift and to organize all that i can accomplish when i clock out.

the past two days have given me two completely different scenes to think about during my shift.
this diversity of sky has been great for diversifying daily goals.

at 5:55a on day one, there were layered clouds traveling at different speeds.
a few hours later there was a fast front that pushed 69mph winds through.
thoughts seemed to be as dramatic.
5:55a sky day one

at 5:55a on day two, light winds and the sky remained cloudless all day.
a clarity of a bright blue predominated all day as thoughts followed suit.
5:55a sky day two

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