Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rust eraser vs tool left in the rain

My favorite bypass clippers left to the elements for 6 days.

couldn't believe my carelessness from leaving these out while on vacation. doesn't pay to always be in a  hurry. something like this is bound to happen.
most of the rust is light, however there is some deeper running corrosion.
unwitting left my bypass clippers outdoors for a week
 with a rust eraser i was basically able to get almost all of the rust off. rust erasers are great little tools that are easy to handle and use. the key is moving it in little circles, over and over and over and over again.
with the light rust in the nooks & crannies,  i took it to the buffing wheel and an old concave felt wheel. 
removed rust with a rust eraser, ready to go again
some wd-40 and job done. while working on it i will give it a sharpen and then back to work.

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