Saturday, June 15, 2013

When a mount rushmore tree dictates going back

A parting shot from our black hills.

on the first full day there we passed this tree while walking the trail in front of mount rushmore. i really liked the texture and how it had the look of it unraveling at the top. all of that was accentuated when looking at the rock behind it. the rocks had the same texture (especially on the right side) and showed line movement in the same direction.

on the last day we headed back there because
1. we wanted the boys to run around the wrinkle rock trail area which is about five minutes from there
2. to get them some more of those crushed penny souvenirs (the ones from the machine you crank and imprints an image). we are partial to these because they can be turned into ornamental flash on objects made.
3. get back to this tree-rock site. thousands upon thousands of people passing this tree and i still wonder how many we taken by it.

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