Monday, June 24, 2013

Night sky field notes and the 2013 super moon

i know that it has been a couple of weeks since the field notes "night sky" has been released, 
i now have my 3-pack!

and damn if i am not pleased!

the first words from my oldest when he saw these was, "can i have one".

the field notes has the great side suggestion to consider a fisher space pen.
i applaude that pitch and honestly that was one of my first thoughts.

now although i do not use the "space pen" i do use the "space pen refill" in my "stinger" tactical pen.
(i should do a review on this later. i use this pen not as a tactical but as a wood awl, dual function!)

i am thinking tonight, just of novelties sake, the noble boys (this includes dad) will be taking out the telescope to view tonights super moon, and take some notes. i was actually hoping for a saturday field notes delivery so we could observe the super moon at its 2013 brightest and closest sunday morn, but i am happy to do it tonight.

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