Monday, October 8, 2012

Addressing the workbench tabletop

A distraction from my original task.
In the decision to do some maintenance on the vice, i could no longer ignore the maple workbench top surface.  
 this bench sees lots of different work (from the utilitarian to the finer work
((may i add no fine work, just finer than utilitarian))
and therefore some of the remains of a job well done is not the best for the next job, or materials used on that next job. 

i first took the very top layer off, removing glues/ greases/ paints ect. after that i added new bumpers on the long sides. I had some left over oak flooring that i cut down and screw fixed to the side. screws make for an easy changeout. 
first layer removed and oak side bumpers added

after adding the new bumpers i rubbed in linseed oil.

showing the difference the oil makes.
apparently i am also showing the maple wood chips from a spoon i made the other day
soaked in, the wood was pleased with the oil.

after the oil soaked in
now i can get back to the vice work.

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