Sunday, October 28, 2012

Camper camping fire building

With the many ways to start a fire, the camper camping tends to be the least labour intensive.

we bring all of our kindling and larger logs. if we do any scavenging it is for medium sized sticks or in the case of a place like branched oaks where there is lots of larger driftwood pieces, medium and more large.

building the branched oak camper camping fire/layered cake:

one flat board
some crumpled old school assignment paper from the boys
one paraffin fire starter sitting on the board and paper
starting the teepee with some dry woodworking scraps
some small branches with dead pine needles (nice and hot)
layering the teepee of scavenged medium sticks
final teepee layer of larger pieces.

light the corner and that is it. the campground pits are easy to light because the also have that convenient barrel containment that acts as a wind block.

a piece of the woodworking scrap still visible.
the coffee was already done and was just staying warm on the grill. otherwise we will put the pot in the outside of the fire.

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