Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vice pads

Adding new corked wood pads to the vice.
i would compare this to getting new tires. you just know there will be a smoother ride.

the new blocks compared to the old.
it is always the axe and hatchet heads that tear up the blocks the most. i keep using this vice because it is the easiest on the heads. the metal working vice doesn't cut it.

the wood flooring plank is left over from wood flooring i laid in the kitchen.
using the whole buffalo.

decided to increase the width so the block will hang over just about 3/8" on each side.

old cork mangled to hell mostly from the axe/hatchet maintenance.
the oak wood is prefinished so it needed some rough sanding and rasp scratches before i would be adding the glue.

there are two things to note here. one is that i glued both the wood and the cork before clamping together and the second is that i put a little strip of wax paper on the bottom to catch any drips. 

glue to both the cork and the wood blocks
the final step before clamping is placing some wax paper between the cork. last thing i need is to glue my cork together. 

it does not get any easier than the clamping procedure for glueing cork to the wood pads in a vice.

after i took this photo i wiped off the excess glue and then i will let it cure for 24 hours. 
after that the vice will get a new handle.

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