Sunday, October 21, 2012

Railhead trousers

Finished the papillion extreme run (a mud run) and was very pleased. the staff was well placed and very friendly. a short run with enough obstacles. 
the more obstacles the better it breaks the monotony of the run. 

ran in an older pair of railhead trousers 
they served me very well.

it is very easy to run in trousers and the leg coverage is nice, especially on the natural obstacles (hay, creek runs, ect). 

the key is that the pants need to be snug, two coats of scotch guard and suspenders.

railhead trousers and the mud run

the real muddy challenges happen at the very end of the race 
(slip & slide mud hill and a mud/silt crawl).

according to gentlemen's emporium

these are tougher canvas pants. 
my favorite work pants!

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