Friday, October 5, 2012

Salvaged craftsman vice

I wanted to make the boys some short posts on simple vice maintenance.
to start though, i wanted to give some familiarity to the test subject and a thank you to the fellow that scored me my craftsman 5204.

some of the best tools are those that have been saved from salvage. often it only takes a quick cordial, tell the original/current owner your intentions and maybe a few dollars.

even if discarded there is a procedure for saving the tool. one never knows the history between that tool and the current owner. for anyone that uses tools they should know that behind each one there is often actual blood and sweat shared between the steel and the worker. that exchange creates a bond that needs to be properly respected before it can pass off to the next.

1. one must ask permission to have the tool. let them know that you want to actually use it as a tool. to show intent use words like "revive", "repair" or "let it live again".  
2. let them know that you are not taking it to resell but to use and appreciate in your own workshop.  owners are always more likely to pass it on if they know you are going to appreciate the tool and interact with its original purpose.
3. depending on the tool it doesn't hurt to offer some dollars for it. ask yourself, if someone came to you for it would you want them to offer some money. how much is fair.

my craftsman 5204
about 15 years ago a friend of mine, Dave, was at a site and saw this old vice laying outside in a scap pile. he knew i needed one, asked permission and now i have had it on this work table for over twelve years.

thanks again Dave!

craftsman 6 1/2" wood vice model 5204

axe heads have chipped away the cork lining my wood blocks

simple spacer to make the vice level with the table top

the next posts on this vice will be replacing the handle and the cork on the pad blocks.

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