Saturday, March 16, 2013

11 hammers stripping

It is that kind of a party here.

the clear coat just hit the sweet zone between tacky and dry. 
now is the best time to remove the masking. 
if i were to wait any longer i would have to cut a line where the tape meets the finish.
this speeds up the work and sacrifices nothing for quality.

hammers with paint and clear coat waiting to be stripped. 
this is a good time as the final looks becomes apparent.
i should stress that it is good because my expectations are being met.
hammer's paper removed, next to go is the tape
 in 24-48 hours (more to the 48 hour side) i will start the long oil on the bare wood sections.
where the head visually meets the handle the oil from the eye wood soaking is still evident.
i am very pleased with the wood of the handles, after oiling i am hoping that others will agree.
hammer masking removed, next they need oiling

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