Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Preparing the shipping crates

Preparing 1 mallet crate for shipping to Brooklyn and 2 hatchet crates to put on ETSY.

 adhering the crate flash signifies the near completion of the tool's restoration process. 
at each step i do critique however their is an enjoyable weight to the end. one that finalizes the entire experience.
a final moment to review the new life of an established tool.

adhering the paper flash on the crates:
first is to attach the tool care instructions on the inner lid.
after a layer of adhesive i lay a small square of ply over the top for equal weight distribution, then some weight over the top of that. in this case i am using double bit axe heads.
after the photo i laid the top square and double bit over the peeking paper.
paper flash: glued, and sandwiched with weight.

weighted down until glue sets
 the next flash is the vertical name 
the crate opening instructions.

for weight on the hatchet crates i multitasked the actual hatchets that will soon be housed inside.
there are plenty of axe & hatchet heads around the house to use as weights in this house.

next step is to make some thought rockets and then either ship or photograph for posting.

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