Thursday, March 14, 2013

Uncrate instructions

A shipping crate is about as utilitarian as an object gets
there is something about those old style wood crates with different types of identifiers adhered to, printed on or imprinted into the skin.
i have made an attempt to give an impression of the older "cratesque" look.

Each crate i make is made for the particular tool that is to be housed in it
the extreme croquet mallets, axes and hatchets have the same overall design (for now anyway).
crate opening instructions
with one side of the crate being hinged, the opening tabs only needed to be located on the opposite side.

there are two types of tabs to unlatch.
one tab is wood with a screw fastener
the second is a leather tab that fits over a small latch nail.
this side shows the two types of latch tabs. 
the first step is to remove the screw in this wood tab.

wood crate tab with the screw fastened

the other step is to lift the leather tab up and over the small latch nail.
there is a hole punched into the leather and it will come off easily when lifted and pulled out.
one does not want to remove the nail. the nail will allow you to re-latch the crate at any time. 

leather crate tab

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