Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whiskey marinated deer stew

Tomorrow's Easter dinner will be a whiskey marinated deer stew.

the essential key to excellent deer is marinating, browning, low temperature cooking.

first = cut deer roast into stew bits
next = soak submerged in marinade for 24 hours
next = cornstarch the individual stew cuts
next = in a stock pot get the liquid base with seasonings up to temperature.
next = brown stew cuts in a dutch oven or other deep welled pot (oil dances)
next = on last pieces of stew cuts add onions and garlic. when the stew pieces are done so will be the vegetable sauteing. 
next = when meat is getting close to done then prepare potatoes in a separate pot
next = rinse potatoes and set aside.
finally = when meat is done add potatoes and any other vegetables.

there are a few steps to pass along to the boys.
first is that deer and seasonings go hand in hand. 24 hours is a good time frame to let the deer cure in a salt/seasoning liquor. when done this way deer looses its so called "game" title and becomes a well prepared venison. 

this marinade was soy sauce, seasoning salt, garlic powder, sweet chili sauce and spiced canadian whiskey. 

when browning, we will be addressing two sides of the stew cut meat so we will be dividing the cooking pot into two parts. one half will contain meat being browned on its first side and the other half will contain meat being browned on the second half (or flipped side).

this will allow for a continual flow of production.

another variable to keep in mind is that there will be multiple pots going on. while the oil was heating up in the deep welled dutch oven i had started the broth, italian seasonings and seasoning salts in a large stock pot. later on there will also be a separate pot for the potatoes. 

the pot has been divided into halves. the upper side shows the mead being browned on the second side and the lower half shows meat just added to the pot. when the upper half is done i will put the stew bits into the main stock pot (on another burner) flip the lower half over and moved to the upper half and add more fresh deer to the lower half.

when the last of the stew pieces are in the pot i will add the onions and one full head of garlic.
when the meat is done the vegetables will also be ready for the stock pot.

when the meat is done so will be the onions and garlic
the stock pot has been on a low simmer for an hour and then i start the potatoes in a separate pot. the water from the potatoes is very starchy and i want to keep that away from the stew. 
we just want the potatoes, the garden wants the starch water.
when the potatoes are almost done i will rinse in cold water and set to the side until the meat is done.

when the stew meat is done i will add the potatoes and any other vegetables 
(today it was corn and peppers).

the deer absolutely melted in the mouth!

now the stew will cool and we will reheat tomorrow for dinner.
sitting overnight will really blend the flavors.

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