Monday, April 1, 2013

restored 16 ounce vintage plumb claw hammer

Today i was only able to post on etsy one restored hammer.

the writing and photos took longer then i had expected, much longer.

i wanted to take photos of it on the bench where it was restored on.
also wanted to have it in relationship to where it would be worked on.

these vintage hammers are excellent tools. they have a tangible and intangible presence of performance.
as of now i am mostly keeping to the bench workhorse of the 16 ounce claw. 
these tools are designed for fine woodworking, but can confidently be used for any general house task
designed for 16 ounce hammers.
restored 16 ounce plumb hammer  in shipping crate
 the cheeks of the hammer show us its history.
i would never want to deny the tools past by trying to make it new again.
i want it to be a new "vintage" tool.

i have two motivations for promoting restored vintage hammers. 
1. the quality and performance of vintage steel heads
2. how perfect octagonal hickory handles are. 
someday i will go into long rants on the value of these handles.

contrasting the cheeks are the re-milled head.
re-milled to give it a slight belly and to show the quality of the steel.
i have kept the steel removal to a minimum. i want to keep that hard steel skin as thick as possible.

the claw poll to the eye is also milled smooth.
it adds symmetry to the aesthetics and really shows off the steel.

below i felt confident with the gun sight paint scheme and how it lines up with the claw. 
the little bit of flash will also keep the tool a bit more visible on that crowded woodworking bench.

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